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Voted Winner of The Bristol Society of Magic’s Close-Up Competition
Voted Winner of The Bristol Society of Magic’s Stage Competition
Awarded The Vic Bradley ‘Magician of The Year’ Memorial Trophy
Awarded The Parker Cup for Comedy
Member of The Magic Circle / Member of Equity
Tel: 07 887 887 667 Email: jayne@magicbyjayne.co.uk

My husband and I hired Jayne for our wedding reception, we had approximately 75 guests to entertain out on the veranda, so it was important that who ever we hired was fascinating and friendly, and Jayne did not disappoint.

She spread her time out fantastically working large and smaller groups, sensing what her audiences wanted and kept them hooked the whole time! In fact when she had finished her set I was asked "where's the magician gone? "

A must for any party, Jayne worked her fantastic magic and my guests were amazed! She was the talk of not just the evening , but for a long time after too. And as a magician never reveals their secrets, quite often I still wonder, how did she do that??

Our day simply would not have been the same without her, real magic brought to our magical day... bringing so many magical bits and bobs, so people could be interactive, and some things we'd never seen before, it was just captivating! Slight of hand is so good and seamless, and to have a human lie detector was jaw dropping to say the least. It left myself and others in our party saying... that's gotta be REAL MAGIC!?!

Jaynes prices are also very reasonable, and for us it was important to stick to a budget, not only that, Jayne is extremely fair and honest, we knew exactly what all costs were beforehand so there were no add ons or nasty surprises.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Jayne for her amazing magical service on our special day, and if anyone else is looking for a super friendly, professional and mind blowing service, then Jayne is definetely the go to ... thank me later folks!

Thanks Jayne for giving us an amazing time! Always in our blown away minds.

Mr and Mrs Skinner